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Common Sense™ ERP industry solutions

Common Sense™ is a complete, multi-industry ERP software solution for growing businesses in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace.  Common Sense™ offers unrivaled, end-to-end integration of enterprise business processes and advanced e-business technologies in order to deliver unmatched reliability, low cost of ownership and rapid time to benefit.  Common Sense™ is IBM ServerProven™ and Built on IBM Express Advantage™ Offerings.

Common Sense™ tightly integrates all of a company’s mission-critical business processes, centralizing information into a collective data warehouse.  It’s unique, data-centric user design (no menus!) is intuitive and process/workflow-oriented, reducing training requirements and helping users achieve breakthrough performance and productivity at a very affordable price.

Rich in Functions & Features

Common Sense™ integrates multi-company, multi-currency and multi-warehouse/location support across a full range of enterprise business processes.  It’s rich, mass-customizable feature set gives Common Sense™ broad applicability across several market segments, supports both English and French and handles both US and Canadian sales taxes.

In addition to providing a robust back-end ERP foundation, Common Sense™ also comes with extensions to some front-office functions, including:

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Suppliers - stock replenishment planning, automatic PO generation, print/fax/e-mail POs.
    • Customers - demand forecast, Peregrine TrustedLink EDI interface.  Currently interfaced forms include customer PO, customer PO change, ASN, invoice and VMI (in development).
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Contact Management
    • Campaign Management
    • Lead/Opportunity Management
    • Estimates/Quotations
    • Call Center/Helpdesk.
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Enterprise Goals & Objectives
    • Human Resource Goals & Objectives
    • Skills Assessment & Benchmarking
    • Activity-based Costing/Management (ABC/M).

Multi-industry support, innovative packaging and aggressive pricing combine to make Common Sense™ an excellent choice for growing businesses with limited budgets, time frames and/or resources; companies who want to continuously improve their critical business processes and/or who may be targeting ISO9000 certification.

Unique Software Architecture and e-business Integration

Common Sense™ features an innovative, object-based and API-driven “componentware” architecture.  Common Sense™ is integrated with numerous IBM and 3rd party e-business technologies including fax and e-mail, AFP electronic forms, Domino for iSeries, InfoPrint Server for iSeries, Content Manager for iSeries, Content Manager OnDemand for iSeries, Peregrine’s (formerly Harbinger’s) TrustedLink EDI, Java and WebSphere Commerce, to name a few.  A member of IBM’s iSeries Enterprise Team, SIA invests significantly each year in ongoing Research & Development activities in order to continuously improve the quality and cost of ownership of Common Sense™ solutions.  Common Sense™ software is a native 64-bit ILE RPG application and is Year 2000 ready.

SIA has developed a unique approach to deliver continuous software updates and support to our customers. Common Sense™ is sold and installed as a full suite, rather than by module. All new customer-requested and internally generated R&D software enhancements are integrated into the base code and made available to customers through our annual software subscription.  Customers thus have access to the latest software enhancements available, without ever having to purchase a new version or release.  Applying “PTFs” (as we call them) is simple and extremely low cost, since customers do not need to maintain or update their own personalized software environment.

This unique approach has resulted in homogeneous software installations for all of our customers.  They use the same version of software code and constantly keep it up-to-date, creating a continuously evolving “vanilla” software environment. Our approach has also contributed to the very high quality of our code and the low cost and responsiveness of our customer support.

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