Executive - Client Services

My passion for solving business problems in innovative and creative ways brought me to career in information technology. Early on in my career being a non technical person was in many ways considered abnormal and challenged me even more to change the IT stereotype. The ability to think out of the box in order to solve problems has required me to wear many hats. Often I have been a coach, a juggler, a design thinker or a choreographer, all in a days work. This coupled with my passion to work with people has been a key value driver for me.


Business agility through mobility

Our customer wanted to reduce the overall cycle time it took to follow sales opportunities through the sales process and funnel. Management had little or no visibility to the field opportunities and as such were unable to assist in progression or closing. More often than not they were faced with the difficult task of picking up the pieces when the opportunity was lost, whereas they could have influenced and in many cases assisted in winning the business had they known about it earlier. We put together a mobile solution that not only allowed the sales reps and management to have visibility on lead progression, but also provide them access to real time transactional data to service the customers efficiently and drive incremental business. The success of this initiative and similar ones such as these have allowed us to have a fruitful relationship with the customer for the last 12 years.


Streamline manufacturing through innovative data collection

In order to be more flexible and responsive in their manufacturing and delivery processes, our customer wanted to reduce the overall cycle time it took to process an order from receipt to delivery. The processes in place were essentially paper and data heavy, whereby there was an inherent need to capture all of the data elements for compliance and governance. We put together a solution that was able to for the most part automate data collection through RF technology, but also streamlined the delivery process through paperless “straight-through” processing. The overall cycle times reduced significantly and the customer was able to be nimble and respond to issues/opportunists in a timely manner.

"I enjoy helping customers solve business problems with innovative technology solutions to create value and continuously change the status quo."