When I started this company in 1976, it was with the purpose of helping business owners and managers grow their business through the automation of “work”. Today and certainly in the future, our customers need technology that proactively works for them, not the other way around!

Not surprisingly, it is the people and the relationships we nurture that deliver on the promise of tomorrow's Digital Enterprise! It is not solely the technology, but the skilled and dedicated human beings with the ambition, drive and passion that is necessary to integrate the new Systems of Engagement and Systems of Insights to the traditional Systems of Record. They have "run" our client's businesses for many years! We now need to assist our clients in order to leverage, extend and protect their investments in these systems.


Lead the IBM Solution Provider Practice

Our relationship with IBM as a "Premier" Business Partner in Canada and the USA is a key element of our corporate strategy for delivering the highest level of customer service and investment protection for our clients.
Since 1981, we have worked alongside the required IBMers as a MAP, VAR, ISV, agent, solution provider and whatever they will call us in the future.
Arrow has been since 1996 a trusted partner as our VAD (Value Added Distributor) and critical to our success.


Develop and Market ERP app (CommonSense) for SMB

Mid-market customers do not always have the human and/or financial resources to operate and maintain a high end Business Software Solution. Nonetheless, these same companies have a need for a more integrated solution that can handle most of the key processes within the organization. Thus our offering, the integrated ERP that we have appropriately named "CommonSense"
It is a cloud based offering that can also be installed on private clouds, at the client premises. It includes apps for financials, CRM, procurement, HR, order entry and fulfillment, project management, production, etc...
Our continuous reasearch and development of the product consists mainly in developing advanced decision support functionality and integrating various API's for cognitive assistance. We also develop the required plugins for integrating various IBM enterprise-level business software and performance management utilities that target resource productivity, organizational agility and enterprise resilience, including security.


Systems of Insight (Cognitive) & Engagement

Building on IBM's strategic initiatives for the cognitive era, we must first assist our clients in their digital transformation. This consists mainly in aligning their strategy, with technologies that will enable them to acheive their desired business outcomes. Once a certain level of organizational agility is arrived at, they can quickly execute projects that integrate and deploy the cognitive API's for their competitive advantage.
We will begin to roll out some IBM Watson enabled apps in the 2nd half of 2017 that will assist our clients in their transformation to the cognitive era from their foundation as a Digital Enterprise.

"I have the best job in the world: taking care of my people! They in turn, simply enjoy doing what they are great at: taking care of our customers!"