Client Techinical Professional | Continuous Engineering

I love working with bleeding edge technologies. The excitement of constantly learning, trying and figuring out how everything fits together is the main reason I chose to work in the field of technology. At SIA, I am one of the lead software architects and play an important role in decisions regarding the technologies we use in our software solutions. I am in charge of research and testing, in order to ensure that our development team adopts the proper technologies and tools that align to our company's vision. As a software engineer at heart, I am often deeply involved in the actual implementation of software solutions - whether it is design, coding and/or assisting my peers.


Implementation of Dojo Toolkit in SIA's daily development toolset

The main challenge was the need for a framework to accelerate development, reduce re-implementation of common artifacts and push cross-browser compatiblity. The journey was not easy for our development team due to the harsh learning curve of the Dojo Toolkit. With perseverance and dedication, however, I can safely say that it was a success. We can comfortably reuse many artifacts and we are a step closer to cross-browser compatiblity with our software solutions. As a bonus, we are a step ahead of the competition when it comes to integrating IBM's products, since most of them are based on the Dojo Toolkit.


Cross-platform ready business application: CommonSense Lead Management App

One of our customers needed a CRM application. The challenge with many well known CRM solutions is their integration to back-end systems. We opted to develop a custom cross-platform application for cost and the ability to easily customize features. The implementation was accomplished with web technologies so that it can be used on a desktop and/or tablet in the form of mobile app, and will be easily maintained by our development team. I lead the selection of the technologies we used and played a major role in the design, architecture, integration and implementation of the application.

"Software developers are problem solvers by nature, stop using them strictly as builders. We are now in the era where success is in the hands of your software developers."
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