Manager - Client Development

I have spent most of my life in the Information Technology field and have come to appreciate the constant change that is a hallmark of our times. Helping my customers understand and embrace these changes in technology is my passion. Having completed quite a few of these mandates over the years, I have developed the knowledge and insight which helps me solve complex business problems and implement innovative solutions. My greatest satisfaction is when my customers can see and measure the benefits derived by implementing these solutions, both to their operations and to their bottom line.


Streamlined operations for a distribution company

Our customer wanted to reduce overhead costs related to processing sales transactions. Careful analysis of their sales process revealed that although it was computerized, multiple touches and much human intervention was required: creating a quote, getting customer approval, processing the order, shipping the products and finally invoicing the customer. We identified and proceeded to automate each step in the process. The resulting solution has helped decrease the time required to process sales transactions by 60%. Other benefits included a decrease in the number of credit transactions as well as a 35% improvement in accounts receivable collection time. The sales department now spends much less time in processing each transaction and can dedicate more time to uncovering new opportunities.

"In all client engagements, I always strive to put my clients' interests in front of my own by listening to their business vision and providing solutions that show real and measurable benefits to them!"