Client Development Executive

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing my customers succeed. Even more so when I've helped them design and deploy an innovative solution that creates value which has a direct impact on their business. I've seen technology change dramatically over my last 30 years in the field, but I never tire of learning about the latest technologies and developing the insight to help my customers derive value from them. At SIA, I wear many hats – from sales and client services to operations, overseeing our strategic partner relationships and helping to manage the business – and I'm happy to be able to capitalize on this experience in a way that benefits our customers.


Streamlining operations for a large transportation/logistics company

Our customer wanted to reduce their transaction cycle times and costs for the large volume of shipments they process. We helped them design and implement a solution using enterprise content management technologies that provides “straight-through” processing which significantly reduced paper handling. The solution delivered 7-digit savings while improving customer service & responsiveness and enhancing corporate governance & compliance. As a result, we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the customer, helping them with a variety of different projects over the past 12+ years. After developing the customer relationship, I played a significant role in designing the original solution and managing one of the largest implementation projects in SIA's history.


Helping a large distributor deploy a Smarter Infrastructure

In order to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of the business, our customer wanted to reduce their IT operating costs and increase their technological agility. We helped them architect and deploy a highly virtualized and scalable infrastructure that included IT service capabilities for data protection, high availability and disaster recovery. With their hybrid public/private cloud environment, they've been able to lower their cost per gigabyte of data storage, reduce application downtime and provision resources much faster for their business initiatives. All this with a very lean IT team! As their trusted advisor for IBM technologies, I work hard with our team to ensure they get the maximum value from their IT investments.

"Being a trusted advisor to my customers means proactively bringing innovative ideas to the table and then delivering end-to-end solutions that disrupt the status quo and create real business value."