Client Development Executive

There is nothing more important than doing something that you are passionate about. In my case, helping people and latest technologies are my two passions. When I was younger, I wanted to become a medical doctor, but I ended up studying in computer engineering. You will say, what a difference! I will answer you, not really. What interested me in the medical field was the ability to help people getting a better life and this is what I do today using technologies. There is nothing more I love than being able to transform the work (and even personal) life for the better.


Improving customer satisfaction through smarter claims processing

The VP claim of a commercial insurer wanted to improve its customer satisfaction while having a better control over the cost of the claim. We helped them design and implement a solution using enterprise content management and portal technologies that allow them to be the first Canadian insurance company to have their claim process completely paperless. While reducing the first contact from an average of 3 days to about 2 hours, the solution also provided them with new monitoring capabilities where management was able to know if a claim went well from A to Z. For more 10 years now, I am playing a significant role in designing the various solutions we deployed at the customer while managing the customer relationship.


Improving business agility by getting to the cloud

Our customer needed to reinvent the way they were operating at all levels or the organization in order to renew with profitability. We helped their CFO to provide a flexible IT infrastructure allowing them to transform faster while reducing the risk attached to their transformation. The solution, based on a mix of private and public cloud technologies, was fully deployed in less than one year and allowed to successfully support their initiatives. For the last 2 years, I managed the customer relationship and played a significant role in the design and the deployment of the solutions.

"The most important assets within your organization are your employees. As I often say, you don't do business with corporation. You do business with the people inside them. Have you ever consider providing them the proper tools to make their life easier?"